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The following is the simple process to follow to sign in to your Hotmail inbox. login procedure

  • Go to your favorite web browser and type or in the address
  • You will be directed to the sign in page for both these web addresses.
  • In this official sign in page, you will find two type fields with and password written inside it.
  • Click inside the first type box and enter your email address that ends in
  • Then move the cursor to the second type box and click inside this. This is where you enter your password.
  • Once you have entered both the fields correctly, press on the sign in button and you will get quick access to your Hotmail email account.

Keep me signed in option

You can opt for the keep me signed in option if you are always accessing your Hotmail emails from your personal computer or device. The process to activate this feature is

Hotmail Login Sign in

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The following are the steps involved in Hotmail login sign in process if you  already have a Hotmail account.

Hotmail login steps

  • Visit the or sign in page using your favorite web browser.
  • You will be taken to the Microsoft Outlook sign in page. You will find two type fields on the page with username or phone number and password written in the fields.
  • In the first type box, you should key in your username that ends with

hotmail sign in login

  • In the subsequent type box, you need to key in your password exactly the same that you have typed when creating your Hotmail account.
  • If you miss even one letter or character or if the CAPS LOCK is activated when keying our password, then you will be denied access to the Hotmail account.
  • Once the correct username and password is entered, you just need to click on the sign in option to get instant access to your Hotmail inbox. Now, you can send or read your messages.

Hotmail Inbox Interface

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Even though you are going to upgrade your Hotmail account to account, the e-mail address you have right now with Hotmail need not be changed. Even after the upgrade, you will have the same email address. If you need account, then you will have to create a new one.


All your emails, contacts list, folders, etc., in your Hotmail inbox will not be changed or would not be unavailable when you convert to Outlook. Even those will be converted. The only change that you will see when moving from Hotmail to is the user interface that will be modern looking with a host of features.

Upgrading from Hotmail to

Hotmail is the first free web based email service to be launched. It is now a property of Microsoft and has undergone plenty of changes. Right now, all series offered by Microsoft can be access with just a single Microsoft account. Hotmail has been taken over and is now combined with account. This is the desktop or a web based email service on offer from Microsoft. Even if you have a Hotmail account, you will be taken to the inbox when you sign up. All services offered by Microsoft are under a new suite called Windows Live.

Hotmail Login

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If you wish to login to your Hotmail account, here are the changes you will face and what you will experience:

  • Hotmail has been transitioned and moved to ; the domains have become one and all subscribers and their accounts will be found under this one, unified platform
  • Your email address remains as if you wish to but they have all been moved to the inbox. That signifies that, if someone addresses an email to your, it will land up in our Hotmail or Outlook account
  • Without any loss of data, the emails, calendars, rules, contacts and other features of your inbox have been moved to the inbox. You have the option of using your Hotmail address as before or you can get an address as well if you want
  • Whether you type in, or, it will open up the sign in page where you can login using your Hotmail account credentials.

hotmail login

If you wish to save the login details, you can click on that option. You can also change the new page layout of your Hotmail inbox by visiting the settings tab. Here you can click on the option given to change back to the old Hotmail interface.

You might be one of the numerous others who own existing Hotmail accounts and now find themselves under the domain, whether they like it or not. Hotmail was a revolutionary web based mail service at the time it was introduced. At that time, free, web based email service that allowed one to access their account anywhere in the world, through an internet connection, was a novelty feature. At that time only ISP related email services were common which had to be paid for and one had to check their mail though the subscribed IP address or computer.

After having sold the successful email service to Microsoft, the owners of Hotmail become billionaires and the successful email service story continued. Millions of subscribers signed up for the service and even today, several old users of Hotmail account have stayed with this brand loyally and not given way to temptations brought forward by modern, web based services like Gmail, Yahoo and others. For the large subscriber base that Hotmail commands, MSN has not deleted its identity but subtly removed its domain or brought it under That means, you get to keep your existing Hotmail address. Your account remains the same with all its emails and in the folders as organized from before. You have access to additional features under the Live brand experience and your Hotmail ID becomes the one MSN ID you can use to access all its other functions and services. Today, when you sign up for a new Hotmail ID, it will no longer be a Hotmail ID but an MSN or Outlook ID. For existing Hotmail users, they need not sign up for a separate ID as their existing Hotmail ID will suffice on the upgraded platform.