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There are about three hundred million subscribers to Hotmail and for them, there have been several changes that have been introduced and have unsettled them to a large extent. Hotmail has been under the MSN banner for quite some time. For a long time, MSN did not introduce any changes and allowed Hotmail account users to login and use their Hotmail account as they were used to. However, certain consolidation efforts have been underway from last year.

outlook vs hotmailcom

Today Microsoft has moved all its web mail services to a unified platform, known as the domain. All the mail users of the different account services are now being redirected to However Hotmail users have nothing to fear. The fundamental differences are nil as only the domain difference has happened and Hotmail has come under outlook. That offers the existing Hotmail users more choice and more features and the advantages of the new Outlook web based email service are being extended to them as well.

If we go back to the beginning of both these services, Hotmail was introduced in the late nineties as a free web based email service. It was then taken over by MSN though it maintained its main features while Outlook was an email program that resided in the Windows operating system marketed by Microsoft. Today the difference between Outlook and Hotmail has vanished as they have come together under the Live brand of Windows. For the existing Outlook users, they are freed of the shackles of their OS dependent email program and they can now login and access their outlook account from anywhere and from any computer. For the Hotmail users they can use their same login credentials to view their old inbox under the new outlook domain.

Once one logs in to their Hotmail account using their login credentials as before, there are some changes in the layout and features that one needs to get used to. There are several changes made such as the Contacts tab that has been renamed as People. Some old features are missing and new ones added in the new modern and flat layout of the outlook cum Hotmail inbox.

If you are wondering what are the changes as compared to the old Hotmail and the new Outlook service, here is a lowdown on the differences you will find:

  • Today Outlook is not accessed internally. You will need to have internet access in order to visit the outlook domain and access your inbox and other mail folders
  • Hotmail’s login interface is the same as the new login page. You can use either or hotmail credentials to sign into your unified mail service
  • You can integrate your email accounts under the Live Widows settings
  • Outlook inbox offers certain changes in the mail functions and features. The tabs have also changed. For Hotmail users, there is a tab in the references setting where they can click to get back the old and familiar Hotmail layout

The new outlook mail features are upgraded and these are extended to existing Hotmail users as well. You can migrate to the mail service and integrate your existing Hotmail mail folders. All such options are now being made available to Hotmail users.

Outlook Login

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When you wish to login to and are an existing user of MSN services, the process is an easy one:

outlook login

  • Log onto outlook domain
  • Find the sign in link on the page
  • When you find the sign in fields, use your existing Hotmail or other MSN credentials to log in
  • You will be able to access your account on other devices as well as through your desktop computer
  • Your contacts are retained and you need not take any steps to move them to the new platform
  • All your folders, flagged messages, rules and conversations remain the same
  • Other settings such as conversations arranged and signature on mails also remain the same

It is important that you login to outlook using your old mail credentials. You can opt for changing the email account to outlook or to create an alias under the “Rename the account” settings if you wish to move from to

When you wish to initiate the outlook sign in process, you need not create a new account. If you are an existing Hotmail account user, you will be able to login and sign in to simply using the Hotmail credentials. All your Hotmail settings and data have been migrated to this new platform. You will even be able to access your Hotmail features through the Outlook Connector app on your phone and other client based applications. The instructions for logging in at remains the same no matter which email address you hold, Hotmail, Live or MSN. The same email id will allow you access to all the MSN features and functions under the new integrated platform.

outlook vs hotmail

Many people are confused when they are existing Hotmail users and are asked to login through The sign in process is easy and it is simply a matter of a new page layout and a changed domain. For Hotmail account users, all other aspects remain the same. Their emails and other credentials remain unchanged unless they wish to move to and rename their account. The advantage of using outlook when you already have an MSN account is that, your existing emails and folders will simply get migrated and will not be deleted. You can then begin anew and integrate other email accounts to your account.

Today many people are faced with the Outlook Login process whether they are ready for it or not. While many have embraced a new outlook account, several people, who are existing users of Hotmail accounts, are comprehensive of the changes that have been brought about since Hotmail has been brought under the outlook domain. It is a transition for sure and Hotmail domain will probably give way to at the end. Though the Hotmail users are allowed to use their Hotmail ids still, new users will be getting a unified MSN account that will provide access to their mail account. Thus, Hotmail users and other MSN mail users will be using the login process from now on.

Outlook Sign in – New interface in

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With the new web interface given to Outlook Microsoft has been receiving several praises from its users and subscribers. The new web based email service has several features that are easy to use and the approach to design is intuitive. Those who are logging in to use outlook will be given a lot of choices of possible email addresses they want at the time of signing up. If you wish to acquire a new outlook address, it is recommended that you do it fast. You will then get a lot of choices in choosing a username of your preference instead of being restricted to a couple of options.

hotmail sign up

For those who have been already outlook users, will now be able to log in to their email address using the web access anywhere and on any computer. Again, those who had Hotmail accounts, they will be accessing their email inbox in the new outlook mail interface and be able to access all the new features and upgrades. In order to login to your outlook account, you need to first log onto the domain. Here you will be asked to sign up for an MSN account if you do not have one already existing. The sign up link is evident on the page that opens up.

Whe you already own a Live or a Hotmail account, you can use these credentials to sign into If you already have one of the above mentioned accounts, you will not be asked to key in your personal details which are required at the time of signing up for a new account. Today there are options offered to choose a personal email adress at the time of signing up for an outlook account.

If you have already logged into using your Hotmail or Live ID, you can rename your account if you wish to. The section “Manage your account” will offer you the choice of creating an outlok alias or to rename your email address. The former option will mean that you will be able to create an alias for your Hotmail account. That will make things easy if you already have your Hotmail email account set up on your phone or tablet. If you would like to reset your email account completely, you can opt for the rename option and get your mail converted to

The sign up process is painless and easy. Here are the wonderful features that embrace you when you complete the sign in process:

  • You will not be taken to the MSN home page as you may be accustomed to but directly to our inbox
  • There are tabs on the left such as sent mail, drafts and junk. You can create customized folders here to store emails as you desire
  • There is a Quick View tab which allows you to search for anything amidst your email such as Word documents, spreadsheets and you can even collate them under a single tab.

There are some of the several new features you can access once you have logged in to your outlook account.